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Rhonda Dietrich

New design consultant brings expertise, southern hospitality to Furniture Finesse

Rhonda Dietrich wants to do everything possible to help turn her customers’ homes into their sanctuaries. 

>By Our York Media

Furniture Finesse believes customers will fall in love with the southern hospitality new design consultant Rhonda Dietrich brings to the showroom. 


Rhonda comes from the South – all over, actually – and her passion for design is rooted in making your humble abode a little more, well, you.  


“Life is so busy,” she says with a charming southern accent.We all have outside stresses, and when you come home, it needs to be your sanctuary – a place you are comfortable and happy.”


Understanding her customers

She starts with really getting to know her clients, adapting their personal styles to make their homes comfortable, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing. She makes sure she has a holistic understanding of their tastes, how they live and how their furniture will be used


She asks about favorite colors, things they are drawn to and what they do and don’t like about their current furniture and spaces. 

From there, she draws up a plan and helps her client select the appropriate furniture and finishings – steering them toward durable, high-quality products. 


“If I can help people, and it makes them happy,” she says, “and it helps their homes becomes their sanctuaries, then I’m happy.”


Becoming a York, Pa., decorator

The North Carolina native got her start in the furniture business in the mid-’90s working as a sales consultant and manager for furniture stores throughout the South. When her husband, who works in hotels, was relocated to Tennessee, Rhonda dove into design


She selected the paint colors, finishes, window treatments, faucets lighting, furniture and other finishes for model apartment units and club houses on behalf of a construction company that was building apartment complexes around the region. 


Next, she and her family moved to Alabama and Rhonda returned to retail – assisting homeowners with interior design at Village Furniture Galleries.


The lifelong southerner found herself moving north of the Mason-Dixon line last year when her husband’s job relocated them to York.


‘The best furniture store in York

“One of my neighbors asked if I’d been to Furniture Finesse. She told me it’s the best furniture store in York.”


So, Rhonda stopped in and asked owner Susie Mummert about a job at her York, Pa., furniture store. At the time, there were no positions available. In October, a spot opened up, and Rhonda jumped at the opportunity.


Since then, she’s been helping clients select the right finishes for their homes in neighborhoods including Wyndham Hills, Regents Glen, and Brittany. 


“I’ve met some wonderful people,” she said.  


Simple home decor tips

If there’s one thing she recommends clients invest more in, it’s nice upholstery because “it gets used a lot.”


For homeowners who are intimidated about selecting color schemes for their spaces, Rhonda advises sticking with neutral colors for paint and larger furniture pieces. Color and unique design elements can be added through artwork, rugs, window treatments, throw pillows and other accessories.


“That’s another thing I like about Furniture Finesse so much – it’s so diversified,” she says. “You tell me what you’re looking for, and we find it together.”


Click here to learn more about our interior design consultations. 

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