Window treatments keep frosty air at bay
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Window treatments help Lake Meade retirees keep frosty air at bay

>By Our York Media

Jim and Paula Elliott love the waterfront views and natural light they get at their Lake Meade home. What they don’t love is having the blinding morning and afternoon sun hurting their eyes as they work on their computers or in the kitchen.

Clunky, traditional shades required too much care, and it was tough for the Adams County, Pa., couple to reach and pull at the cords every few hours. The chilly, winter air that blew off the lake – often felt when they stood close to their windows – also kept them bundled in house coats and sweaters.

The retirees knew they needed a solution for enjoying their home while preserving their eyesight and comfort.

But Paula was wary about buying window treatments that blocked the light completely – she’s claustrophobic and worried that shades would make her home feel dark and cave-like.

She’d heard about Furniture Finesse through a friend and decided to stop by the downtown York shop to find out if owner Susie Mummert might have any solutions for them.

Susie pointed her to the Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades, which would allow Paula and Jim to diffuse the harsh sunlight beating into their house while preserving a natural glow.

An investment in comfort

 Paula is a stickler for quality.

“When I see something and like it, it’s usually expensive. It doesn’t matter what it is,” she said.

She knew Hunter Douglas had a reputation for good products and was willing to invest in treatments for a dozen windows and a sliding glass door on the ground floor of their home.

After the shades were installed, they went back and motorized the shades on the larger and hard-to-reach windows to make them easier to operate.

“It’s a cool system,” Jim said. “You can select them individually or as a group. Retract individual groups, or all at once.”

The couple has had the window treatments for over a year and is thrilled with the results.

“There’s a lot of light,” Paula said. “Sometimes in the summer, there’s almost too much. But the blinds really help.”

At night, the lowered shades reflect a soft, pleasant glow in the house. Paula said anything else would’ve felt too dark or too closed in.

Keeping chilly air at bay

Early on at the expense of a Christmas Cactus, they discovered a feature they hadn’t realized they needed: the blinds helped insulate their home.

Jim said the plant was kept on a shelf in front of a box window. On one below-freezing day, they raised their new shades and felt cold air pouring from the window. Then, they noticed that half their cactus was dead – the part closest to the window.

On cold nights when the shades are raised, there’s a noticeable chill that disappears once the shades are lowered.

Aside from being pleased with their new window treatments, Paula and Jim said that working with Susie and her team has been a breeze. Whether it was fixing a noisy motor or adjusting a shade, the customer service has been outstanding. 

“Anytime we called, she would call right back as soon as she could, and they would be at the house,” Paula said.

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