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Lancaster County mom and family resting easier after switching window treatments  


>By Our York Media

Parents of young children can agree that sleep is both precious and imperative to the survival and sanity of everyone in the household.  So, you can imagine Melany Radel’s desperation a couple of years ago when her kids began waking up with the birds, just as the first light of day was creeping over the horizon. 


For 3-year-old Natalie and 4-year-old Luke, naptimes were a disaster, too. Instead of resting, both kids would want to get up and play – fighting the sleep. Going to bed at a reasonable hour in the summer months? Forget it. If the sun was up, the kids were awake. 

The white wooden blinds in the room just weren’t doing their job to keep the light out.

To make matters worse, in the winter months, Natalie would wake up in the middle of the night crying and complaining of being too cold – and Melany agreed, there was a definite chill in only her bedroom. She had an HVAC man come and adjust the airflow to the room, but nothing changed.

The Lancaster County family was disappointed that their newly constructed home fitted with double-paned Low E windows was still making it tough for their little ones (not to mention her weary parents) to get a good night’s rest.

Something needed to change.


‘Mama needs to sleep’

About a year and a half ago Melany stopped in Furniture Finesse in York, Pa., to meet Susie Mummert, who she knew through a networking group.

“I saw the showroom and said, ‘Hey, do you have anything that would darken a room?’” Melany said.

In fact, Susie said, she had blinds that would not only darken the room but insulate it better, as well – Hunter Douglas window treatments. 

Melany was skeptical at first, but she said Susie was so authentic and knowledgeable about her products, she decided to make the purchase.
 “Mama needs to sleep. It was out of sheer desperation,” she said.

Today, the entire Radel family is resting easier.

The blinds Susie installed in the kid’s room not only do their job keeping the room dark – even in the middle of the day – they also keep it warmer.

“Since we’ve gotten the blinds, my kids will now sleep in until 8 or 9 o’clock every day,” Melany said. “Having them sleep better made everybody happier.”

Worth the money

Melany’s not one to make frivolous purchases.  Her car is eight years old and has 200,000 miles on it – she bought it because she knew it would last. 

She was impressed with the quality of the Hunter Douglas window treatments and was reassured by the fact that the company will replace the product once during its lifetime (insurance against two rambunctious children). 

“It was one that it wasn’t a quick decision because I wanted to think, ‘Is it worth the money?’” Melany said. “Looking back on it, it was totally worth the extra dollars. It’s made my life as a mother much better.”



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