Good design starts with getting to know your customer
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Good design starts with getting to know your customer

Ashley Croyle, the newest addition to the Furniture Finesse family, keeps clients happy with great design and a good ear.

>By Our York Media

For Ashley Croyle, designing isn’t just about making a room look good.

It’s about listening.

Ashley asks questions to get to know her customers at Furniture Finesse — not just what styles they like or don’t like, but about their lifestyle, how they spend their days, and what’s important to them.

She listens because designing isn’t about imposing her own personal style, it’s about discovering each customer’s preferences and pairing those with a design that fits their life and budget.

Making connections that last

For Ashley, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing.

“No two families are the same, so no two designs should be the same,” she says.

After meeting her clients in the store, she visits their home to ask more questions, then she takes measurements and gets to work.

“Building a good lasting relationship is really key to the customer service Furniture Finesse provides,” Ashley says. “We have their back.”

Every step along the way to the finished product, Ashley keeps her clients in the loop. They know when a piece of furniture has been ordered, when it should arrive, and where they stand at all times.

When Ashley describes her process, she doesn’t talk about what she does alone. She talks about what she and her customers create together.

“They start out with this blank canvas,” Ashley says, “and I get to help them paint it.”

Joining the Furniture Finesse family

Ashley started designing at Furniture Finesse in August of 2017. She’s passionate about working for a company that cares so much about their customers.

“Furniture Finesse will go to any length to please the customer,” Ashley says. “That’s what makes me love going to work every day.”

Working with owner Susie Mummert, Ashely says she feels trusted and valued. She loves having the freedom to express herself creatively. And Susie is behind her all the way.

“She’s on fire,” Susie says. “Ashley is a fantastic designer and decorator, and she listens to customers.”

Even as a new addition to the team at Furniture Finesse, Ashley says she feels like part of the family. 

“I think I’ve found my home now,” Ashley says.

Putting the customer first

Ashley says she’s a designer first and a salesperson second. Getting her customers exactly what they want is more important to her than a quick sale.

“I want to know that what I’m getting for them is going to work for them for the next 10 to 15 years,” she says.

At its core, she sees her job as helping her customers make their house a home. And there’s nothing more rewarding than working hard for a client and having them love the finished project.

“It’s almost like Christmas,” Ashley says. There’s so much anticipation and excitement. And when her clients tell her they love the design, it’s an amazing feeling. 

Every design I do, I put my name behind it, Ashley says. But the most important thing to her is that her customer is happy.

“When you see the smile on their face,” she says, “there’s just nothing better.”

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