After monumental 2017, Susie Mummert says she’s just getting started
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After monumental 2017, Susie Mummert says she’s just getting started

After reaching her personal goal to bring in $1 million dollars in revenue in a calendar year, the owner of Furniture Finesse wants to use her success to help others.

>By Our York Media

Passion, excitement, and pride ooze from Susie Mummert when she talks about her business, Furniture Finesse.

“If you could see my insides, they’re bubbling up over the rim,” Susie says. “I’m ecstatic.”

She had a standout year in 2017, hitting record sales and reaching a personal goal bringing in $1 million dollars in revenue.

Her excitement, though, isn’t really about the money. Instead, it’s about what the money means she can do: give back to the community she loves.

“I feel like the more I can achieve, the more I can succeed, the more I can help people out there,” Susie says. “And that feels good.”

The family business

Running a business is in Susie’s blood.

Her father opened a carpet store in York when she was a kid. The sixth of eight kids, she learned what hard work meant, helping out in the shop and doing odd jobs for the apartments above them.

“You learn from the ground up a lot of different trades,” Susie says. “Wallpaper, painting, plumbing, we learned a little bit of everything.”

In 1983, her dad jumped on an emerging trend, wicker and rattan, and opened Windows, Walls, Wicker and Whatever.

As that trend faded, the family shifted their focus to furniture and became Furniture Finesse. 

Now, Susie says, Furniture Finesse is really a home design fashion store. Susie sells solid, well-made pieces. Furniture that has “bulk and guts to it.”

Taking the lead

When her father passed away six years ago, Susie took over Furniture Finesse. She’d been running it for 10 or 15 years before her father died, but something changed when it really became hers.

“I just really took the helm and started driving the ship,” Susie says.

Everywhere she’d go, she talked about the store. She was on 24/7, networking and branding the store on social media.

She was carrying on what her father had started and grown, but she was also making it her own.

It was exhilarating

“I felt my dad all around me,” she says, “hearing him say, ‘Good job, Suz.’”

She knows he’d be proud.

Becoming a Hunter Douglas Dealer

A few years ago, Furniture Finesse was doing about three-quarters of their business in furniture sales, and one quarter in window treatments.

Susie saw that as an opportunity to grow her business. She worked for three years to become a Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer. It finally happened one year ago.

“They give me advantages that no one else has,” Susie says, “and I can pass those on to my customers.”

Now, she says her business is split pretty much fifty-fifty between furniture and window treatments.

She credits the hard work she put in to gain this edge for her exceptional year.

“I had the best year I’ve ever had with Hunter Douglas in 2017,” she says.

Giving back to the community

Susie remembers when money was tight. She couldn’t do as much as she wanted to help others.

Now, she can do more for the community that has been there for her.

When new furniture is delivered to a home, she’ll take gently used furniture that might otherwise have been tossed on the curb and get it organizations like Bell Socialization Services, LifePath Christian Ministries, or Re-Source York.

Susie thinks it’s important to donate to veterans and others in need.

Just recently, she was able to bring a dining set to a family that had just been resettled by Bell Socialization Services.

“These people are going to sit around that table and be proud of it,” Susie says. “That makes me feel good.”

She donated a sofa sleeper to Pappus House, an end-of-life home in York, so relatives would have a place to sleep when they were saying goodbye to their loved ones.

And she’s become involved with the Women’s Network of York, helping young entrepreneurs.

These are the reasons Susie does what she does, why she works so hard.

“That’s what most important,” Susie says, “giving back to the community.”

A bright future

Susie’s not done.

“The sky is the limit,” she says.

Last year, she added a new designer to her team, Ashley Croyle.

“She’s on fire,” Susie says. “She’s a fantastic designer and decorator, and she listens to customers.”

Susie wants to continue her company’s growth, becoming the hub of decorating, design, and consulting for York.

She loves what she does, and she’s not slowing down.

“I work six days a week,” Susie says, “and I’m still excited to come to work on Saturdays.”

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