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Today’s technology, from appliances to blinds, is ‘about convenience and quality’

Gadgets like Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds are not just really high-tech, Susie Mummert says, but also great because they’re ‘so easy to use.’

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These days, ever-changing technology is the norm. Thermostats and light switches are customized and programmable. A robot vacuum glides quietly across the floor. Kitchen appliances make a delicious dinner easy, and if you have a question, just ask Alexa from the comfort of your couch.

Through 30-plus years of doing business in York, Susie Mummert has watched that evolution and has adjusted accordingly, always ahead of the curve in home interiors.

From ultrasonic blind cleaning to an email with a cutting-edge design idea – just the solution you were looking for – Furniture Finesse embraces and betters today’s modern lifestyle.

“It’s about convenience and quality,” Mummert said, “and we have the expertise to provide that.”

Compliments, round the clock 

When you next sit down for dinner at Round the Clock Diner, don’t be surprised if the blinds by your booth ease quietly open, dimming just the right amount of light.

The diner’s owners recently installed Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds from Furniture Finesse, and the results have exceeded expectations. No more crawling across the booth to adjust the light. No more tired waitresses tugging on frayed cords. No worries.

Furniture Finesse today is your Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer providing PowerView blinds, state-of-the-art window shades that are automated and fully programmable. Schedule when the blinds open. Tell them to close with the press of a button. It’s that easy.

There have been plenty of compliments from customers, both to management, and one recent day, to Susie Mummert. One diner liked the blinds so well that she sought out Furniture Finesse soon after, and now has some of her own at home.

That’s a testament to quality products and a hometown store, Mummert said, where an informed staff is always ready for its next chance to educate, to help, and to share the excitement of finding just what you were looking for.

“We’re committed to excellence and service,” she said. “That’s our tradition here, and it will continue.”

A different light

Let’s say you like to wake up to warm sunlight, streaming through your bedroom window. Or maybe the light in the living room at noon is just too much. Maybe you like the blinds closed during the heat of the day, but open when you walk in the door after work.

PowerView blinds give you complete control.

The blinds work through a pebble remote, wall-surface pad or your iPad. There you can operate on different channels, multiple sets of blinds throughout the house, programming a pre-set schedule or adjusting the mood in the moment. Or take it a step farther with the PowerView app, and do it all from your mobile device while at home or away.

“The system is really high-tech,” Mummert said, “but it’s great because it’s still so easy to use.”

The next perfect addition to your home is a result of your local furniture store’s constant efforts to bring the newest technology and products to York, and make peoples’ lives better along the way.

“These blinds speak to the caliber of product we want to offer our customers,” said owner Susie Mummert. “It’s what we always want to provide — the best out there.”

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