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Decorators, customers continue to find hidden gem in Furniture Finesse

There are plenty of reasons area decorators keep coming back to Furniture Finesse.

>By Our York Media

Area decorators struggle to remember what first drew them into Furniture Finesse.

It might have been through someone’s recommendation. It might have been while they were looking for items for their own homes. Maybe they even started out looking for carpet and were drawn to the furniture and accessories.

But there are plenty of reasons they keep coming back to Furniture Finesse at 700 W. Market St. in York.

They love the store, they love what they find there, and they love working with Susie Mummert. In fact, the one thing they all agree on is that Susie goes above and beyond for her customers – and that is definitely a reason to return again and again.

Unique but fitting

Unique is a word that comes up in most conversations about the items you can find at Furniture Finesse. But while these aren’t things found in every York shop, area decorators can always find a perfect fit for their clients.

“Susie tries to work for the masses, but she brings in items that are unique and a little different for the York area,” says Michael Sell, who often shops Furniture Finesse for embellishments. “I think she really does look at – I don’t want to say trends so much – but more at trying to bring something enlivening to the area.”

When Carol Bear, with Bears Interiors, needed something to fit a client’s smaller space, Furniture Finesse had exactly what she needed.

“I found a very unique server there, a painted piece that worked out really well for the situation,” she says. “It was a small area, my client wanted something unusual, and it fit very well.”

Some of Michael’s favorite finds include painted Bombay chests, interesting lamps that looked like aged pottery, and side tables made with metal and stone. 

“I found one piece in there with leopard print that went in a client’s room with leopard carpet,” he adds. “There’s always a little bit of whimsy here and there in the store, so it’s nice to pop in and see if she might have something.”

Many layers of greatness

Anastasia Laudermilch, of Interior Design by Anastasia, has plenty of reasons to keep coming back to Furniture Finesse.

“It’s not one thing that makes the company really fabulous, it’s many, many layers of things that make it exceptional,” she says. “From the service and care they give, to the maintenance of the building, to the uniqueness of the products they’re carrying, to the way they’re displayed. It’s like a little hidden gem.”

One of the biggest draws is Susie herself, and the care she gives her customers.

“Susie couldn’t be more gracious and kind to work with,” says Anastasia. “When I shop there, I can safely say that I know without question she would do absolutely anything to accommodate me and my clients, right down to going to get us lunch to extend our shopping day.”

That care is something Carol loves as well.

“It’s a small, family-owned business that’s very personable and very customer-service oriented,” she says.

Above and beyond

Susie’s brand of customer service extends to the idea that if she doesn’t have what the client wants, she’ll find it, Michael says. He brings clients from the Baltimore-Washington area to Furniture Finesse, and on the off chance she doesn’t have what they’re looking for, she’ll get it.

“She has that flexibility and desire to work and bring in pieces that her clients have seen and ask for,” Michael says. “I’ve heard that from other people as well – they want something, and Susie’s like, ‘no problem.’ She is extremely accommodating, which is refreshing.”

“She absolutely does go above and beyond,” says Anastasia. “Her follow-up is tremendous.”

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