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Pappus House, York’s new home for end-of-life care, gets a hand from local businesses

Furniture Finesse’s Susie Mummert says she hopes people will see what businesses like her's and others are doing to help and be inspired.

>By Our York Media


When loved ones approach the end of their life, comfort is key. Sometimes, comfort comes from of a caregiver. Sometimes, it is a calm place to die with dignity.


Pappus House, York County’s new home for end-of-life care, seeks to provide comfort for residents and families, alike. They’re able to do so, thanks, in part, to contributions from local businesses in the community, from donations and in-kind services during renovations and through gifts that range from paper products to furniture - including those from Furniture Finesse at 700 W. Market St. In York. 

Katie Herrington, a Pappus House board member, say the house doesn’t replace hospice, but it does work with the various hospice programs in the county. It is a piece of end-of-life care that was missing in this area.

“It’s been amazing just to see people go, ‘Oh, now I get that, that’s why we’re here,’” she says. “Some companies were only going to do a certain amount of the work, but then they got in here and saw what we’re doing and realized we're providing the full range of services.”

Businesses have also offered help through employee volunteers and company drives to collect needed items such as paper products, Katie says.

Making it better

Pappus House, a three-bedroom home on Cherry Street in York Township, is scheduled to open this fall. It will provide a place for people facing the end of life who are unable to remain in their own homes.

Like others involved in bringing Pappus House to fruition, Katie is driven by her own experience at the end of her grandfather’s life. He was moved to a nursing home, where family had to come in and out and had no place to stay if the weather turned bad.

“I promised my grandfather I’d make it better for someone else,” Katie says.

Pappus House will make it better, not just for its residents, but for their families, as well. 

“It’s not sterile, not cold. It’s a home that embraces both residents and their family,” says Katie. “Family can be relieved of the caregiving burden and reclaim their role as a family member. We’ll worry about the rest. The family can just sit there and be present – hold hands, sing songs, take pictures.”

Providing rest – and so much more

As the house was being renovated this summer, two volunteers came into Furniture Finesse looking for finishing touches to make the house homey. That’s where Susie Mummert came in.

“One of the things they were looking to add was a queen sleeper sofa for guests of the patients. I’ve been there, as well, with my father-in-law and my father, so it touched home for me,” Susie says. “It's important that we help people go out of this world with dignity and not be in an institution or a hospital.”

The sleeper sofa will be placed in the house’s “quiet room,” Katie notes, where families can go for private discussions when needed. In case of inclement weather, it will offer family members a place to sleep if they can’t get home or don’t want to leave for fear of not being able to get back when needed.

A circle of help

For Susie, donating a big-ticket item like a sleeper sofa is just part of a cycle she wants to develop in the community.

“I hope my store can be a brand for helping the community,” she says. “I think you give and you will receive. The more I’m able to give, the more I’m able to receive. Then, the more I receive, the more I can give. It’s just a nice circle that’s going around.”

Susie says she hopes people will see what businesses like Furniture Finesse and others are doing to help and be inspired.

“I’ve come to the point where I’m wanting to give back to the community, and this is just a fantastic way to be able to,” Susie says. “If everybody would just do a little bit, just here and there, wouldn’t York just be a fantastic place?”

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