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Furniture donations ‘a blessing’ to York County nonprofits

>By Our York Media

Years ago, Furniture Finesse’s phone would ring with nonprofits asking for donations of furniture. For owner Susie Mummert, it was the perfect opportunity to give back to her community.

“I like to see things repurposed and not go to waste,” she said. “It’s just a way of life for us.”

Today, when Furniture Finesse delivers new bedroom or dining room sets, or even window treatments, the old is removed and given to someone who can use it.

As the store donates to York County charities such as Bell Family Shelter, Veteran’s Helping Hands, the Salvation Army and the YWCA’s ACCESS-York, Mummert has impacted the lives of those who need it most.

Giving a Fresh Start

When used items are donated, they enrich the lives of local citizens who struggle to make ends meet.

Bell Family Shelter, a 30-day emergency shelter that operates as part of Bell Socialization Services, has been a recipient of Furniture Finesse’s donations for more than 15 years.

The shelter offers people a safe, temporary place to stay when they’ve lost their home and helps people regain independence with supportive services.

Sometimes, said Marcella Kinard, director of Shelter Services, people successfully find new places to live, but they have no other belongings to fill the space.

“We see a lot of elderly people, a lot of young moms, families who have lost their houses. They’re often starting fresh with nothing,” Marcella said.

“We help them get back on their feet, but we don’t have the means to get them the extras that would make them more comfortable. We’re at the mercy of the random donor to get those things.”

Marcella said Furniture Finesse’s donations of dining room tables and chairs, sofas and bedroom furniture help departing shelter residents feel more comfortable in their new dwellings.

“Of course, we don’t get donations for everyone. But when we do get something, it comes at the right time. It’s always such a blessing.”

Inspiring and Empowering Others

Currently, Furniture Finesse is the only business with an ongoing donor relationship with Bell Family Shelter, Marcella said.

Businesses can help the organization by donating good quality furniture or even smaller household items, such as table linens, curtains, rugs, dishes, and small appliances.

Donations of damaged goods are welcome, too. Bell Family Shelter employees teach residents how to fix items, such as scratched furniture, to make them useful again.

Marcella said this approach accomplishes more than a straightforward donation. It allows the residents to learn new skills, and it gives them a sense of pride and ownership to work on something they can take with them when they leave the shelter.

“The support of the community means everything,” Marcella said. “When everyone works together, we can make a real difference.” 


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