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Cocktail collaboration: Furniture Finesse teams with Handsome Cab, Rockfish Public House

Furniture Finesse’s Susie Mummert muddles business with pleasure with “The Finesse” and “RPH Finessed Manhattan” cocktails offered at two downtown York bars.

>By Our York Media


If you’ve had a drink in downtown York lately with a little extra “finesse,” it’s thanks to a unique collaboration.

Take one part desire to help your business reach a younger audience, blend in a few friends in the restaurant business eager to do something new, and you get marketing by cocktail.

It’s all thanks to Susie Mummert at Furniture Finesse, the Handsome Cab’s Robert Godfrey, and Rockfish Public House COO Jeremiah Anderson.

What ‘the kids’ are doing

It all started one afternoon as Susie sat at her dining room table with her daughter and daughter’s friend. Susie was looking for a way to market her business to younger customers, and she had the perfect brains to pick.

The young women are not only in that age group Susie wanted to target, but they live in Baltimore, which is known for the colorful personalities of its different city streets and neighborhoods, where collaboration and cross-promotion are common.

“I was asking them, ‘What are you young kids doing nowadays?’ and ‘How can we go about promoting our business in some off the wall way?’” Susie says. “My daughter’s friend is a bartender, and she said sometimes down in Baltimore they’ll name a drink after a business.”

That stirred Susie’s creative juices. And she had the perfect friends to turn to.

Finding that mix

The first person Susie called was her friend Jeremiah, who is COO at White Rose Bar and Grill, as well as Rockfish Public House. As they muddled over the idea, they decided Rockfish would be a great venue for the cocktail collaboration.

Today, the menu sports the “RPH Finessed Manhattan – Honoring our friends at Furniture Finesse with this smooth blend of Bullet Rye, Carpano Antiqua sweet vermouth and lavender-orange bitters.”

While Manhattans might not be Susie’s favorite drink, “I’ve heard from people that it is great,” she says.

Susie had so much fun mixing it up with Jeremiah and Rockfish that she wanted another round. So next she turned to Robert, a longtime friend and client. He was eager to get into the mix, as well.

“We felt given the time of year, a grapefruit based drink would not only be great for summer but also add something we currently didn’t have as a cocktail,” he says. “We experimented with several fruits that might take a bit of the bitterness away from the grapefruit and muddled strawberry worked.”

Thus was born “The Finesse.”

It’s promoted on the drink chalkboard and the Handsome Cab’s social media, and the bar staff has been known to recommend it. Susie, an admitted fruity-drink fan, will also vouch for it.

“It’s served in a tall glass, and that’s more to my flavor, my taste buds,” she says.

And as a Furniture Finesse customer, the collaboration was to Robert’s taste, too.

“We always appreciated the attentive service and attention to detail that Susie provides,” he says. “Plus, our customers love the Finesse.”

Drinking it up

While furniture and interior décor shopping might not be the first thing that comes to mind after sipping a few cocktails, Susie says the Furniture Finesse drinks really have brought people through her doors.

“It’s still pretty fresh, but I have had people come into the store and say, ‘I’ve tried your drink!’” she says.

And the collaboration isn’t just a benefit to Susie and her business – it goes both ways. She’d offered to compensate her friends for each drink sold, but the cross-promotion has been enough for them.

“I think they’re happy with the way things are going,” she says. “I use it in my sales presentation. We’re sharing it on social media. I’m suggesting it to everybody, like, ‘Hey, have you been downtown?’”

To Susie, it’s certainly a good mix.

“We’re just promoting our business in a sharing way.”

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